A Turkey Hunt in God’s Country


After having an unusual turkey season in Arkansas (more to come on that later) Brandon and myself were able to hunt the final week in Kansas this year. Normally, the peak time to hunt Kansas turkeys from my experience has been the end of April or first part of May. This year we were unable to do that, so we made plans to try and tag out the last week. Of course, anytime I go to Kansas I bring the rain and thunder. This trip was no different, several bad storms passed over the area we were hunting during this final week. It rained so much that several of the fields we hunted were completely under water. It was by far the most amount of water I’ve seen on these agriculture fields in the area we hunt.

This trip we hunted hard, we did a lot of extra scounting and looking than we normally do. The afternoons were especially harder on us with the heat. Turkeys came out later in the fields and this provided us with a limited amount of time to hunt. After getting permission to several additional fields this trip we were able to finally bag our four Kansas longbeards. Brandon ended up getting his final longbeard literally in the last several hours of our hunting trip. We stopped at one more field before leaving that afternoon and there ended up being a limbhanger hanging out in that field. The thing that makes the hunt even more special is we barely beat round 2 of the huge buildup of rain, thunder, and lighting that had been hampering us most of the trip. As the hunt was over I was capturing a picture of a cool rainbow in the field we hunted that stretched across the road and beyond. I’ve always wondered where the end of the rainbow leads, as rumor has it- supposed to be a pot of gold. It started making me wonder if this wasn’t true…Here I was being blessed with the opportunity to hunt in the midst of a storm and it reminded me of the many promises given to us from the Creator himself. For me, my pot of gold was in God’s Country….. A recently planted corn field in the middle of Kansas….