Opening Day

The opening week for duck hunting  in Arkansas can be very exciting to say the least. Hunters usually have their spots picked out one to two weeks before opening day.  This  “duck camp” atmosphere is usually prevalent all across the state, camping areas fill up fast as hunters make sure they have a chance at their spot for the next morning. Arkansas public land usually has several options for hunters, though these WMA’s can be crowded on a dry year. We have usually been confined to these public areas on the first day. Pre-season scouting has always been beneficial to us when determining where we want to hunt.  We feel very blessed to be able to participate in the excitement built up every year before the opening of duck season. It is  great to enjoy the freedoms we have to hunt and spend time enjoying God’s creation.  This 2012 season provided many challenges for hunters across the state. With the warmer temperatures and lower water levels this year it has produced limited hunting opportunities for everyone, which can be both a good and bad thing.  Matt G. was able to find some ducks  and stay on them for several days at the beginning of the season. It ended up being an awesome hunt and a great opportunity for us to enjoy the harvest of creation. We hope that colder temps and rain will be in the forecast soon!!!!